Issue 01

Emerging Southeast Asia


Connecting the doors

As our name implies, Wonderwhy is always wondering. Why things happen, why people act a certain way, why things matter, and recently we’ve been wondering… why we continue to pursue Wonderwhy. In the past two years, we did our part of answering culturally relevant questions to delight our readers. Moving forward, we aim to bring a greater impact to our community with a new vision: to become an essential media that provoke new ideas and opportunities through culturally relevant stories around Southeast Asia.


In recent years, Southeast Asia has grown rapidly which can be attributed to a number of factors including economic growth, geopolitical significance, and cultural impact. The influence of the rising Southeast Asia has become highlighted on the global stage, for instance, Singapore has become one of the world's most important financial centers, while Vietnam is a major exporter of textiles and electronics. Not only that, countries such as Indonesia, Thailand, and the Philippines have produced world-renowned music, film, and art, while the region's cuisine has become increasingly popular around the world. This continued rise is a significant trend that is likely to shape the global landscape in the years to come and we’d like to become a small part of it.


In our first issue, Emerging Southeast Asia, our contributors proudly cover significant stories around their homes. In the next few weeks, we hope to find you immersed deeply in our stories of the ups and downs of commuters in Jakarta, understanding local perspectives on movie representations, peeking inside the concept of multi-generational homes, and wondering how those micro-cultures affect lives. 


We’re forever grateful for this community of curious minds. If you’d like to talk or contribute to Wonderwhy, we’re only an e-mail away. Hope to see you around and cheers for more to come ;)

Writer: Hana Irena

Illustrator: Daniel Benedict